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LinkedIn is too complicated…
LinkedIn is too complicated, and they keep changing things. We take pride in our customized coaching, focusing on you, your goals, and your business to share best practices. We also distribute a monthly DWCS Newsletter to keep our clients aware of changes to the site.

There is no direction to follow…
Our customized coaching includes proprietary reference documents, ensuring our clients’ ability to efficiently navigate the site and leverage its functionality.

I don’t have time for LinkedIn or Social Media…
Time is money – we will save you both!™ We have developed a proprietary LinkedIn Action Plan that only takes 15-20 minutes a day. It makes LinkedIn easy to incorporate into your daily schedule.

I’m overwhelmed…
Most all our clients are overwhelmed! Because we make LinkedIn easy to include in your daily schedule, you will begin to build a viable network of business associates. With a proper strategy in place, the engagement caused while building a network can lead to business. Once that happens, our clients will usually start spending even more time on LinkedIn!

Isn’t LinkedIn just for job seekers?
During the early years of LinkedIn’s existence, the site was commonly known as ‘the job seekers website.’ As the site has matured, it has become known as the most powerful online networking site for branding and marketing. Professionals build networks of viable connections that may either lead them to business or become their business later.


Learn how to use LinkedIn to find viable prospects and turn them into clients.

Every professional should have a LinkedIn profile. Every college student should have a LinkedIn profile that is well-established prior to attaining their degree and entering the job market. Social media has changed the way business is done today. Your prospective clients and customers will often turn to Google or trusted associates to seek desired products and services. Your profile should be keyword optimized so that it appears at the top of keyword-driven searches. This is what we do first with every client. Remember: Your competition is on LinkedIn! Proprietary reference documents are included with every coaching session.


LinkedIn has become an integral part of the job seeking journey.

The Human Resource industry has had a bit of a love affair going on with LinkedIn for some time now. HR Managers love the detail offered by a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn Members may choose the amount of content to include in their profiles and this enables an HR Manager to determine if the potential candidate can not only do the job, but whether they will fit the ‘company culture.’ If your resume passes through the ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) scan, the HR professional will next seek out your LinkedIn profile. We ensure that all clients have the best professional presence possible. Our clients are very likely to be found at the top of keyword-driven searches. Proprietary reference documents are included with every coaching session.


Empower your sales force and increase sales.

Give your sales team the upper hand with best practices for targeted searching that will provide solid leads, automated search alerts, proven templates for effective network building, cohesive messaging in conjunction with your Marketing Department, strategies to leverage their network, company pages, and much more. The ability to target search and get right in front of your ideal prospect is significant, even with the free Basic Membership. Proprietary reference documents are included with every coaching session.

Why some people don’t get results on LinkedIn

They set up a (weak) profile and sit back, waiting for results

Without a full understanding of LinkedIn, many members will often set up a profile and ‘expect the phone to ring.’ As with any business tool, LinkedIn must be used in order to get results. We share best practices with our clients to make the tool more powerful and easy to use.

The member is using a graphic or selfie for a headshot, or no headshot at all!

Not only is this a quick way to discourage engagement, but the use of a graphic in the headshot field is actually a violation of the LinkedIn User Agreement. A ‘selfie’ will instantly make the member appear unprofessional. And not having a headshot at all will cause more suspicion than engagement. A good, professional photo will deliver the best first impression.

Keyword optimization is missing or lacking

Members may have an idea of what a keyword is, but they aren’t using enough of them and they aren’t aware of exactly where to use them within their profiles. The very first thing we review is the total content of our client’s profile to ensure they have the best professional presence and a fully optimized profile.

They aren’t engaging at all on the site

Results on LinkedIn will not happen without a bit of effort. Our proprietary LinkedIn Action Plan is an easy, step-by-step guide to enjoying continued success on LinkedIn by building a viable network for engagement on a daily basis.

The member is connecting with everyone who extends an invitation

It is not a best practice to view your LinkedIn network as a ‘numbers game’. It is always ‘quality over quantity’ when building a network for successful leveraging later. We teach effective strategies to connect our clients with the appropriate target markets and best practices for engagement to achieve their goals.

Are you missing out?

Why would you ignore the largest professional network on the Internet?
We will give you the advantage of keyword optimization to make you appear at the top of searches that seek your expertise, product, or service.

Do you know how often you are being sought out on social media?
Even the Basic (free) LinkedIn Membership provides valuable stats to determine ROI.

Will potential clients discover your competition before they find you?
Ensure that your visibility online is the best it can be – work with us!

Many business owners research social media for solutions and decide on their suppliers in advance of any contact. Will they find you?
A proper presence on LinkedIn will have you showing up at the top of Google searches.

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