“LinkedIn continues to assist in building our brand presence in our community”

Jack Nicol, BrightStar Home Care

“LinkedIn is my professional, self-updating “rolodex” and I have found it to be a very efficient means of sharing and receiving information. In addition, I love staying in touch with and helping former colleagues, clients, and candidates, and LinkedIn makes it very easy to do that. I am a huge fan of LinkedIn!”

Ginny Schlosser, Ameris Bank

“LinkedIn is the perfect platform to expand your network, grow your business, and stay connected to other business professionals. Whether you are looking for a new client or career opportunity, LinkedIn is the place to see, connect, and be seen.”

Rhea Slinger, PGA Commons

“Image is everything in business and life. Human beings make quick evaluations of who will be a good, trustworthy asset in moments. The internet, especially LinkedIn is where they get that important first impression. It’s your only chance to make it count.”

William Roger Cummings, Century 21

“The value of LinkedIn is connectivity. With peers, with dream jobs, with contacts in your backyard and around the world, LinkedIn connects you with the professionals YOU choose. It supports branding, sales and networking…..but only if used correctly as a business tool. Otherwise, it’s just noise and busy professionals don’t have time for ‘just noise’.”

KELLY FANELLI, Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches

“I believe that LinkedIn is a great platform to reference my accomplishments and areas of expertise that have characterized my life for others to see. In networking areas where I am not known, my profile is an immediate composite reflection of who and what I am.”

Lynne Stirling Reynolds, The Juice Plus+ Company

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