Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with our clients to complete and optimize their LinkedIn profiles. Keywords and a summary draft are prepared ahead and finalized with the client during the session.

We offer guidance on accessing any additional profiles to save their Connections and merge them into a single profile. This will help the Member to stay in compliance with the LinkedIn User Agreement

No – we can work with our clients to create new profiles if they are new to LinkedIn.

We use GoToMeeting to screen share and we have clients in 24 countries.

Individual (one-to-one) sessions may not be recorded. Recording of group/corporate coaching sessions or presentations is allowed only when included in our contract.


“I saw Debbie speak at a conference and had the opportunity to join her for a brief review session at that conference. After meeting her for that brief session, it was clear she had many high impact insights about the use of LinkedIn, both for individuals and their organizations. I have since referred a number of connections to Debbie for partnership on developing a strategy about their LinkedIn profiles, how to leverage LinkedIn as a tool for themselves and their businesses, and how to unlock the full potential of LinkedIn. I have also engaged her for a session with my team as they think about building their brands and our company’s brand. She is a true subject matter expert, while also being exceptionally practical, articulate, and action oriented. I appreciate having her in my network and in my toolbox and would encourage anyone to engage her as they think about upping their LinkedIn game in 2020.”

Megan Belcher, Scoular

“I just spent two hours with Debbie learning more about LinkedIn that I ever knew, despite being a premium member for over 10 years. She has an in-depth knowledge of how to maximize information on LinkedIn with proven results. She has great tips and is very supportive of her clients. Bravo!”

Deborah Gilg, Fearless, Fierce and Forward, LLC

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Debbie and seeing her in action. From group presentations to LinkedIn coaching (even including technical support), she is an incredible resource! Her knowledge, professionalism and responsiveness are second-to-none!!”

Ty Barnes, Wells Fargo

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Do you know how often you are being sought out on social media?
Even the Basic (free) LinkedIn Membership provides valuable stats to determine ROI.

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Ensure that your visibility online is the best it can be – work with us!

Many business owners research social media for solutions and decide on their suppliers in advance of any contact. Will they find you?
A proper presence on LinkedIn will have you showing up at the top of Google searches.

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