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Endorsements vs Recommendations – which is better?

Here’s our opinion and explanation of each. Both options are valuable to offer and receive!

We Offer

Customized Coaching

Services provided include one-to-one coaching, group and corporate training, industry-specific workshops and presentations both in person and via live webcasts.

Expert Strategies

Incorporate LinkedIn into marketing plans and suggest best practices in utilizing LinkedIn to effectively gain maximum visibility and potential business for the client.


Available for speaking engagements. We've coached hundreds of individual professionals in over twenty countries and delivered informational presentations to hundreds more.

Tips & Tricks

With our tips and tricks, you can make your LinkedIn profile your best personal branding tool. These little-known, often-overlooked and seemingly counterintuitive tips deliver big results with minimal effort.

Monthly Newsletter

Find out where we'll be, spotlight on professionals, LinkedIn changes, monthly tips, fun facts and a whole lot more!

What are YOU waiting for? Let's get you to the top of LinkedIn's search results!

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We offer up-to-the-minute LinkedIn Coaching and best practices and pride ourselves on staying current with the constant flow of changes to the site.

Free Character Count Limits

Here’s a free reference document that lists character limits for each field in LinkedIn profiles, company pages and group conversation boards.

Be sure to understand what a LinkedIn Network really means.

Learn the process of building your 1st level Connections on a daily basis with personalized invitations to connect and more with this free document!

Let Us Help You Succeed!

LinkedIn is a professional network that can establish your credibility, showcase your authority, and create meaningful opportunities to connect with your peers.

“I don’t have time for social media!” We delight in showing our clients how to gain measurable results by spending just 15 minutes a day on LinkedIn!

Time is precious – we will coach you to have the best mindset for building an effective LinkedIn Network that will lead you to business or become your business later.

Strength in numbers – our corporate coaching will enable your team to deliver what we call ‘cohesive marketing’ to super-charge results from their LinkedIn presence.


“As a LinkedIn Speaker and Coach Debbie is your "go to" guide. Debbie's workshops are chock-full of pertinent information. Debbie navigates you through LinkedIn basics to advanced powerful tools that will assist you in building your professional network and garner business resources while teaching you the "in's and out's" of LinkedIn, such as LinkedIn protocol, etiquette and best practices.”

Jill Kalter

“My experience with Debbie was second to none. The information that I received about LinkedIn has been quite valuable in gaining leads and expanding my career. I highly recommend her seminar and teachings. ”

Justin Forsythe

“I hired Debbie to teach my sales team about the benefits of Linkedin and how get set up properly. We signed up for two sessions. The results were fantastic. She is a great teacher. Her approach is very organized and easy to understand. The virtual class is great because everyone can participate and ask questions. My team was amazed at the information they received and couldn't believe how quickly they got results with their new found knowledge. I would highly recommend Debbie to anyone who wants to increase business and learn how to be found on Linkedin.”

Jane Hutton

Time is money-we'll save you both™!

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